Sawzalls serviced and repaired

Plumbers use sawzalls for anything from cutting light/ heavy pipes or for cutting wood or drywall to access water pipes. Cord powered or cordless sawzalls are an indispensable tool used by professional plumbers. Whether the switch has gone bad or the saw arm is damaged, we can repair your sawzall.

Bryan Electric services and repairs major brands of electric sawzalls and pneumatic saws for all facets of trades and construction industry to include plumbers, electricians, cabinet makers, construction workers and many other trades and businesses throughout Hampton Roads to include Portsmouth, Norfolk, Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, Suffolk and the Virginia Peninsula since 1948.

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Virginia’s most complete tool and machinery center for service and repair

Bryan Electric Co. has been in business since 1948 and was founded by Homer and Oscar Bryan. We have been associated with the electrical business in Hampton Roads for the past 68 years and our mission to render prompt and efficient service has never changed. Today Bryan Electric services thousands of loyal customers all throughout Hampton Roads. We hope you stop by and see us at our store and service facility location downtown Norfolk, Virginia.