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  1. country India
  2. 7,9 / 10
  3. Chaman Bahaar, revolves around Billu, a young small town paan-shop owner who falls in love with a pretty school girl who lives in a house opposite his shop. His shop becomes a hub of all the young boys of the locality to assemble there just to get a glimpse of the girl. Meanwhile, Billu pines away in silence over his lady love and experiences the full spectrum of romance and heartbreak, without the girl ever being aware of it
  4. 2020
  5. 3279 votes

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I belonge to the Place Lormi which is related to Series and I loved the Jitu’s acting.
Movie perfectly holds the small town textures and styles like the environment, language and many more. Jitendra Kunar locate the graceful balance between the comedy and misery by his flawless acting. Movie exhibits LowIQ’s and outsized egos precisely.
Throughout the whole movie Jitendra was all over it and all the actors has done a brilliant job. At the end of the movie I find myself smiling. Such kind of movie definitely deserved to be watched.
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ChamaN BahAar full movie download… “hindi”dubbed Chaman”Bahaar”for”online”full”hd #WatchOnlineFreeHD Chaman Full Watch Online.
Watch To support anti-nepotism. so called stars making trash movies,we should support new and innovative ideas. br>
Simple and sweet. Nothing great, but watch if you’re a Jituu Bhaiyaa fan…








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